Thoughts On Our First World Down Syndrome Day

21 March, 2018

Sometimes our most definitive moments are loud – a birth, a death, an accident, a promotion.

But sometimes they happen quietly, in the smallest of spaces between otherwise ordinary moments.

I was thinking about this the other day as I was giving our baby Ronan a bath. About the path that led me to him, to being the mother of a child with Down syndrome. His birth wasn’t the defining moment for me – it happened much earlier, when I was a grad student working towards my PhD in Philosophy.

I was taking a course on French Existentialism – a lot of Sarte and Camus. My professor was a middle-aged gentleman with a Scottish last name and good sense of humor. In the course of reading the material, there was a section on the randomness of our own existence. I remember my professor expounding on the happenstance of our mom having an …

If Dostoyevski Had Instagram

31 January, 2018

Image taken from Mari Andrews on Instagram (@bymariandrews)

Recently, as I shuttled my new babies down to Boston for a checkup, I listened to a podcast of writers discuss how social media is changing us, changing the way we live. One of the writers on the podcast was Dani Shapiro, whose memoir Slow Motion, about her parents’ car crash and her father’s death I happened to be reading at that time. She was talking about another writer friend whose parent was in their final days, and who shared on Facebook about her parent’s flame slowing being extinguished. Shapiro was struck by how, as her own father was dying twenty years earlier, there was no social media. She wondered if she had Facebook on her phone when she hopped on the plane to go home after she learned of their car crash, would she have posted about it? The tension of all of her …

Pancakes & Poetry

13 January, 2018

This morning I woke up to pancakes, already made.

This is new for us, this season where I don’t have to make the pancakes on Saturday morning, and my husband doesn’t either.

When I was a new mom and had three kids three and under, Saturday morning looked like every other morning – get a few sippy cups and a bottle of milk and some breakfast, and then everything else they needed between the hours of 6am and 7pm. I would crash after they went to bed like a waitress who just worked a double shift because, well, I did.

Sometimes, when I hear from a mother who has two or three kids, aged five and under, who is swamped and going through Hard Days and not thriving and barely surviving, I want to grab her hand and tell her that she is in the Hard Days and that it will get better. Then I want to …

A Deep Breath for the New Year

9 January, 2018

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, one of my friends who has her own pair said to me, ‘oh your life just falls into a hole for about a year, that’s all.’

Duly noted.

I have to admit, the seasons I have had of motherhood where my kids go to preschool and I write in the mornings have been my favorite. A big warm sweater, a mug of tea, and a morning of words and ideas. My need to write exhausted, and if I am lucky, my need to run exhausted too, I am free to focus on my people, on making dinner, on molding hearts in between soccer practice, the dentist and dinner.

Now I am in the throes of life with newborn twins, and it is vastly different. I love love love babies. All pink, kissable flesh and potent possibility. They are like springtime, totally fresh and filled with blinding light. But to paraphrase …

It’s Finally Here + Giveaway

10 July, 2017

Lots of writers compare publishing a book to a baby being born, and it fits so well since there is a lot of effort and uncertainty, some painful labor, and then, a lot of well wishes.

And like a baby being born, a book deserves a special Birth Announcement, so consider this post it.  Yay! My book is finally here! 

You can order it here at Amazon.

If you are local, there will be a book launch party at RiverRun book store in Portsmouth, NH on July 18, 2017. We will have wine and beer and I will be making a few recipes that are in the book (Red Wine Beef Stew and Lamb Curry).

WHEN: Tuesday July 18, 2017  6:30 PM
WHERE: RiverRun Bookstore, 142 Fleet St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

WHO: Author Katie Curtis (your neighbor at 79 Tidewater) 

WHAT: Book Launch Party for The Wideness of the Sea

I have been blown away by the amount of messages from …

18 Weeks: An Announcement + A Love Story

26 May, 2017

These babies are not even here yet, but life with our busy crew is moving so fast, there is hardly any time to process the reality of it all. I am going to be the mother of 6. I am going to be the mother of twins. I am about to publish a book. I am no longer sure what people are congratulating me on. My children’s friends help me to process it. They say things like, “You have two babies in there?” They hold up their hands, and invariably they put four fingers on one hand with the two fingers on the other, and look up. “You’re going to have six kids. That’s a lot.” They’re my reality check. “It is,” I agree.

Earlier this week, we had an ultrasound and learned they are both boys! They are such miracles on the screen, wiggling and kicking and already sucking on their hands. I am in awe every …

How A Book & A Writer Get Born

20 February, 2017

I have been itching to write this post.

This is the one where I tell you I am DONE. I finally polished my final draft of my novel and hit send to the publisher this morning.

It’s taken almost four years of writing, and lots of help, to get to the finish line, and I am thankful and excited and proud. Finishing the final draft is the reason I’ve not posted on this blog as much, but I hope to return to more regular blogging. I will definately post here in the next few weeks ways you can pre-order it. The book is called The Wideness of The Sea and it’s a novel about an artist from Maine who lives in New York City who returns home for a funeral, where she is faced with broken relationships and crushing grief that she ran from after her mother died eight years ago. It’s about her journey towards forgiveness and healing, and the need …

My Back to School Supplies

31 August, 2016

This is hands down my favorite time of year.

We had an amazing summer, one of the best summers I can remember since EVERYONE is out of diapers and they let me sleep in (praise hands alleluia). Like any good New Englander, I relish the feeling of change each new season brings. But as the nerdy academic I once was, the fresh clean slate that fall brings – with a new school year, and all those sharpened pencils and blank pages waiting to be filled – is my favorite. Summer margaritas feel so good, but purposefulness feels so good come fall.

As my kids fill their backpacks with supplies and checklists, I thought I would share with you a few of the things I am packing in my mental back pack, my new school year supplies to help me and my crew have a successful year.

1. Better Than Before: I started reading this at night and …

Terra Firma

18 July, 2016

There is a man who walks around my neighborhood every day, the grandfather of two children who go to school with my kids. He is stout, balding, with curly white hair and a little dog who looks like he is dancing on his tip toes as they move, a contrast in big and solid vs. tiny and nimble.

He recognizes my car now, the one that I use to chauffeur four kids to lacrosse and baseball and skiing. And every time we pass, he gives a wave, a thrust of his arm that is part salut, part friendly greeting. Something about the way he does this is so encouraging. So life-affirming. It reveals some inner strength or hope that he possesses. He seems happy to see us. When he passed in the street while my kids are playing in the yard, he tells them the dog’s name. “Reee-chhhard” he says in a thick Russian …

Raves & Craves Vol. 2

25 May, 2016

photo from Hearth and Harrow’s Etsy shop

Happy Wednesday, lovely neglected blog readers! As I mentioned in my last post, all of my writing time is going to finished my food memoir and I have been really busy with freelance work in Coastal Home Magazine and New Hampshire Magazine, so you can check me out in those publications too. But I love this space and I am loving putting all these interesting little tidbits here!

1)  Just learned about these gorgeous textiles from Hearth and Harrow – so pretty, totally swooning.

2) Modern Mrs. Darcy just posted her summer reading list! I just asked friends on Snapchat for summer reading recs, and the next day I got the email that her popular summer reading post was up. Ask the universe and you shall receive.

3) I have told everyone I know about this podcast, How Seth …