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Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

27 February, 2015

Oh hello there.

How’s your week going?

We are on February School vacation week here, so we took the kids up skiing to North Conway, NH. It’s been a mixed bag with some wonderful ski days and others so cold we were shivering on the chairlift and huddling for warmth. If you follow me on Instagram you know we’ve reached an amazing point where all our older kids can ski with us down most trails and it is such a joy. Though there are some serious heart palpitations for this momma, we mostly have smooth sailing as we fly down the …

Pilot Light

24 February, 2015

Dear Reader Friends,

Almost as soon as I started my writing website, I started writing for New Hampshire Magazine, and took on a bunch of interesting articles that I couldn’t say no to (be sure to check them out in the next few issues). But they all had deadlines in like, the next week. So I am sorry that I already took a hiatus from my new blog, but I can balance my ongoing assignments a little bit better now that I have deadlines a little farther out.

We are actually on vacation this week, skiing again, just our family after a slew of visitors. I’m Catholic and since it is Lent I am also trying to slow down, so it feels good to be up in the beauty of the mountains while trying to simplify and reflect on our relationship with God.  Every time I look up, the snow covered White Mountains …

Tuscan Swordfish with Capers, Tomatoes and Onions

18 February, 2015

Hi Friends! Happy Lent, Happy Whole30, Happy Wednesday, or whatever you may be celebrating today.

I know I meal planned on my last post that I would start eating Whole30 after my wine party, but I honestly got so excited about all the Whole30 foods that I just went ahead and started it today even if a few events will mean I am drinking wine this weekend (it will be 30 days by the end of Lent!). I can’t wait to try all the recipes I am discovering with you that are healthy and delicious.

This dish is hopefully something for everyone, …

Week Eats with Whole Parenting

11 February, 2015

Hi all – I am linking up with the lovely Nell at Whole Parenting. She hosts a weekly meal plan called Week Eats which is super smart and always yummy. Nell is basically the Renaissance Women because she was an attorney but now she makes the cutest baby clothes, plays with her kids in their old Victorian house, makes really healthy yummy food, and she is the cheerleader of the Internet, so encouraging to everyone and always leaves a “so presh!” comment underneath pictures of babies.

Feel free to belly laugh at this meal plan. This coming week involves a ski trip, …

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Hi Foodie Friends – Happy Almost Valentine’s Day! In case you were wondering if all this snow here in New Hampshire is making us carb load, here’s your answer:

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread! So so good. My kids love helping me make this recipe, since they can really help mash the bananas and stir in the chocolate chips.

The batter is really flexible so you can put it in whatever shaped pan you want, and play with the chocolate chips! I love mixing white and chocolate chips together. And I usually make little mini-muffins but how cute are these loaves?



I am …

Yummy Crock Pot Pot Roast

6 February, 2015

Anyone else have a white flag of surrender waving re: cabin fever? I feel like I just got done with Motherhood Olympics, a contest where your only goal is survival, and your hurdles include a husband on a weeklong business trip across the country, a snow storm with 2 snow days from school and a stomach flu shared by one and all including the momma.  Translation: you will not be leaving your house for 8 days. Seriously I am not proud of how much you can beg/yell at your kids to please stop talking to you for a minute.

BUT….now that …