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How Cooking Dinner Changed My Life

31 July, 2015

Once upon a time, I was a busy working girl in downtown Boston, working at a financial firm where I met my husband, and I had lots and lots of opportunities to go out to dinner. I loved good food, especially when really talented people made it.

Then I got married. We lived in Rochester, NY our first year of marriage. I knew no one, my husband traveled for his job in finance, and aside from a few date nights and work dinners, I mostly ate solo. I was teaching Philosophy 101 at a nearby college (which was super interesting and hilarious) and on my way home, I would stop at Wegman’s, an enormous grocery store that has literally everything under the sun in their aisles. Everything. I had lots of time and lots of amazing ingredients, and a bookshelf of cookbooks we got for our wedding. I also had memories of growing up …

Gazpacho with Crab & Avocado

28 July, 2015

Is there anything more refreshing on a hot day then Gazpacho? It is one of my all time favorite summer dishes. It is like drinking your salad – so filling and delicious, with the tang of vinegar and kick from jalapeño.

On our first day in Paris, it was a 100 degrees, and we ate lunch at a bistro where I saw it on a chalk board menu served with vegetable tartar on top. It was so refreshing – ice cold, and the tartar made of just cucumbers, onions and zucchini was so different (and so precisely chopped! The woman who waited on us came up and …

A Taste of France, Part II

23 July, 2015

Sorry if you were waiting for Part II of our trip to France – my computer got a virus! While it was out of commission I forced myself to have fun at the beach and eat at every yummy Portsmouth restaurant with friends who were in town. But it is so fun to think about food, and France, and travel again. This post is SUPER long, but I have a great-line up of recipes to share so I wanted to finish the story of our trip. If you are in a hurry just skip to the story of our Best Meal …

Marriage Math

10 July, 2015

Sorry for the radio silence on my writing blog. As this post can attest to, we had a busy June! But I am looking forward to getting back to regular writing after our travels. Good writing takes time, and I am striving for quality, so I will always choose that over quantity. But I love this little space on the internet. I hope you do too. 


“Going once. Going twice. Sold to the gentleman in the back.”

The auctioneer pointed to my husband, Rob.

When he had put in a bid for a week long stay at a house in France moments before, I thought he was just trying to help the charity fundraiser by upping the bid*. We had four kids. A busy life. A trip abroad was not even on the radar. But when he outbid another person, I knew.

He was doing it for me.

My husband doesn’t love France. He’s …

A Taste of France: Part 1

9 July, 2015

For a food lover, a trip to France is like a football fan going to the Super Bowl: impossible to recount every play. But I will try to share some highlights because France is such a magical place and so inspiring, from food to flowers to fashion. And I read My Sweet Life in Paris by David Leibovitz on the flight over, so if you want to know even more and live vicariously from someone who has been there longer then 10 days, I highly recommend it.

We felt very lucky to be staying in the Brittany region in the northwest …