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Heart Holes

17 November, 2015

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Last night, as we were driving home in the dim light after an electric sunset, my husband and I were talking about the events of the weekend, our hearts heavy over the news from Paris.  We were talking about how social media is being used to lure in young new terrorists all over Europe. In my tired state, I uttered, “I just don’t even get the draw that terrorists have for new recruits.”

When I woke up today, I read this from a writer I follow on Instagram:

“Re-read a book I read this summer about a young French journalists’s shocking undercover investigation into how today’s most ruthless terrorists use social media to reach and recruit increasing numbers of young Europeans and trick them into going to Raqqa, Syria, the most bloody city in the world, occupied by ISIS (and strict Sharia law), with the promise of love, spiritual purpose and a better …