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 This page is not a complete list since many articles are not available on the web. 


The Wideness of the Sea, Piscataqua Press, 2017.


1. Uncharted Waters, Summer 2016

2. Living With Ledge, Spring 2014

3. Glen Magna Farms: Show house designers honor the past, Summer Issue 2014



1. The Constant Restorationist, April 2015

2.Home Column: Color Trends, March 2015

3. Home Column: Container and Raised Bed Gardening, April 2015

4. Home Column: How to Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis, may 2015

5. Home Column: What the Think About When Renovating Your Kitchen, June 2015

6. Home Column: Tips for Getting Your House Market Ready, July 2015

7. Home Column: Smart Innovation from NH Architects, August 2015

8. Home Column: Modern Fireplace Design, September 2015


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