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5 Tips to Help with Late-Night Snacking

26 June, 2015

Hi all! I am SO excited to introduce you to my Insanity instructor – that’s right, the lady who kicks my butt every Thursday. She has just launched her own website,, and is a Personal Fitness Coach to the stars…I mean moms in Portsmouth.

She heard my plight about going out of town (we leave for France tomorrow…I am halfway packed which is pretty good for me) and having a few freelance writing magazine articles due before we leave, so she brought her A game to the Humble Onion and is sharing with all of you how to …

Artichoke Bruschetta

20 June, 2015

Does anything scream “grab a glass of spritzer and sit outside” more then bruschetta?

Seriously, these are so easy and they take a nano second to put together. And they are so good you can’t stop eating them.  So when this weather beckons you to sit out side and savor everything… spouses, friends, life, sunshine, health, kids, wine, nature…you have the perfect companion snack.


I made these because we were going to a daytime party last weekend, and I knew the food would be sitting out in the sun. I actually mixed all the ingredients together in a bowl and just …

No-Cook Summer Clicks

12 June, 2015

Don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen with all this gorgeousness happening outside? Me either. Here’s some great quick ideas that I cannot WAIT to try.

// I am a big fan of non-breakable plates. Ballard designs has so many pretty melamine plates like these ones that I could use every day or these ones from Bunny Williams (love her, she is one of the most inspiring designers). 

// This fennel and apple salad looks perfect for a date night salad.

// A bloody mary salad? Yes please.

// I can’t wait …

These Four Walls

8 June, 2015

^^Lucy, age 9 months, visiting a lake cottage. Where we went with lots of sippy cups.

When I was a new mother, with 3 kids 3 and under, nothing could make me fly into a pint of ice cream faster then a travel magazine. Pages filled with gorgeous meals, usually things like seared salmon on top of a gorgeous puree with micro greens, a glass of white wine catching the light just so, mahogany four-post hotel beds with crisp white sheets, and beachs with golden sand, and a boat off on the horizon.

These things were the opposite of my reality, which was diapers and sippy cups and trashed play rooms, tantrums and teething and mind-numbing sleep deprivation. It was enough to make me fling the glossy pages across the room. France and Italy pictures or articles were particularly painful, since my longing to visit there grew as …

Greek Al Fresco Lunch

5 June, 2015


What kind of food blogger would I be if I threw a lunch for our families that was easy and delicious, took 20 minutes to cook, looked gorgeous all spread out, went great with white wine, and I didn’t share it with you?

Seriously, I posted before (complete with horrible photos that did not weather the transition to the upgrade of this website well) about how much we love Pork Souvlaki. We call them Greek Tacos because they are a similar concept and level of ease as the South American variety. But the flavors are my favorite!

So …

All Around the Web

2 June, 2015

The view from our favorite beach over the weekend. It reminds me of a quote I love:                                “The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen

I have a few deadlines I am working on this week so I thought I would share some interesting tidbits I found around the www for your reading pleasure.

// This amazing clip I saw about the book called 10% Happier on Charlie Rose. (I love Charlie Rose so much and secretly want his job, just to talk to interesting people all day long). It is with Dan Harris, who was a newscaster for Good Morning America who had a panic attack on air with 5 million viewers and in his quest to figure out why, he …