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Pancakes & Poetry

13 January, 2018

This morning I woke up to pancakes, already made.

This is new for us, this season where I don’t have to make the pancakes on Saturday morning, and my husband doesn’t either.

When I was a new mom and had three kids three and under, Saturday morning looked like every other morning – get a few sippy cups and a bottle of milk and some breakfast, and then everything else they needed between the hours of 6am and 7pm. I would crash after they went to bed like a waitress who just worked a double shift because, well, I did.

Sometimes, when I hear from a mother who has two or three kids, aged five and under, who is swamped and going through Hard Days and not thriving and barely surviving, I want to grab her hand and tell her that she is in the Hard Days and that it will get better. Then I want to …

A Deep Breath for the New Year

9 January, 2018

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, one of my friends who has her own pair said to me, ‘oh your life just falls into a hole for about a year, that’s all.’

Duly noted.

I have to admit, the seasons I have had of motherhood where my kids go to preschool and I write in the mornings have been my favorite. A big warm sweater, a mug of tea, and a morning of words and ideas. My need to write exhausted, and if I am lucky, my need to run exhausted too, I am free to focus on my people, on making dinner, on molding hearts in between soccer practice, the dentist and dinner.

Now I am in the throes of life with newborn twins, and it is vastly different. I love love love babies. All pink, kissable flesh and potent possibility. They are like springtime, totally fresh and filled with blinding light. But to paraphrase …