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The Twins Are Finally Here

25 October, 2017

{Welcome to the world Michael Seamus and Ronan Christopher Curtis. Born 10/13/17. Michael was 6 lb 7 oz and Ronan was 6 lb 6 oz, both 20 inches long.}

The twins were born after my last scheduled non-stress test, when I was discovered to be 2 cm dilated and my OB didn’t want me to go the weekend with breech twins and partially dilated, since a prolapsed cord (or the umbilical chord being able to hang down out of the uterus, possibly cutting off blood flow) was a big risk and a danger to the babies.

It …

Pregnant with Twins 34-36 Weeks (Baby Gear Edition)

3 October, 2017

Oh, you’re still pregnant? That’s nice.

Note: The news is full of headlines that are heartbreaking at the moment so I know that pregnancy pains pale in comparison. Life is fragile, and should never be taken for granted. But I am writing these posts hoping they are helpful to other moms who are expecting, twins in particular, so what follows is for them.

Despite lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, 3 really great feast days that would have made fantastic birthdays, and my continued hope that I could report les bébés wanted to come early, we are all still hanging out together in our increasingly …