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A Southern Dinner

27 February, 2017

(Hi Food Lovers – just a note to say as I completed my edits for my book I got behind on everything, including blogging here. I am attempting to make it up to you with not just one recipe, but a whole meal. These recipes are truly all new favorites on our rotation, and it feels so good to be back sharing a love of food with you here.) 

It’s hard to step your baby toe into a love of food without feeling the effects of Southern Cuisine on America. Southern Cooking has become synonymous with …

How A Book & A Writer Get Born

20 February, 2017

I have been itching to write this post.

This is the one where I tell you I am DONE. I finally polished my final draft of my novel and hit send to the publisher this morning.

It’s taken almost four years of writing, and lots of help, to get to the finish line, and I am thankful and excited and proud. Finishing the final draft is the reason I’ve not posted on this blog as much, but I hope to return to more regular blogging. I will definately post here in the next few weeks ways you can pre-order it. The book is called The Wideness of The Sea and it’s a novel about an artist from Maine who lives in New York City who returns home for a funeral, where she is faced with broken relationships and crushing grief that she ran from after her mother died eight years ago. It’s about her journey towards forgiveness and healing, and the need …