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18 Weeks: An Announcement + A Love Story

26 May, 2017

These babies are not even here yet, but life with our busy crew is moving so fast, there is hardly any time to process the reality of it all. I am going to be the mother of 6. I am going to be the mother of twins. I am about to publish a book. I am no longer sure what people are congratulating me on. My children’s friends help me to process it. They say things like, “You have two babies in there?” They hold up their hands, and invariably they put four fingers on one hand with the two fingers on the other, and look up. “You’re going to have six kids. That’s a lot.” They’re my reality check. “It is,” I agree.

Earlier this week, we had an ultrasound and learned they are both boys! They are such miracles on the screen, wiggling and kicking and already sucking on their hands. I am in awe every …

Light Potato Corn Chowder

16 May, 2017

First, congratulations to Donna Sylvester for winning the giveaway contest in my last post! Thanks to all of you who visit here, the numbers just seem to grow even if I can’t share as many recipes as I wish I could lately, so I am really grateful.

I have not been able to blog here as much thanks to final book edits (you can pre-order it here!) a First Communion, Mother’s Day, and a certain someone turning 4…(he asked for a dirt cake with trucks, and I was happy to oblige because, um, dirt cake is delicious.)

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