A Day in the Life

27 January, 2016


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I love reading these from other people. And some days look very different and way less productive then this one. But I am so thankful for all that this life has led to – the hard, the heartbreaking, and the good. 

A Day in the Life of a Writer Mom: 

5:30 – wake up, turn on coffee that has been prepped the night before because I just can’t even.

5:35 – run 3 miles. hate the first half of them, love the second.

6:15-7:14 – get kids breakfast and on track to go to school. smile over the top of my coffee cup when I catch my kids cracking each other up with jokes.

7:15  – get the kids on the bus, shower and get dressed.

7:30  – check email, read something inspiring (Blessed Is She has been really reliable).

8:00 – make cheesy eggs for a toddler who will only eat cheesy eggs.

8:02  – realize I’m hungry too, make more eggs.

8:15  – eat breakfast with toddler and sing “Feed the birds” from Mary Poppins eighteen times.

8:30 – send Andrew off to pre-school thanks to an amazing teacher who picks him up!

8:45 – switch laundry. decide to write at Barnes and Noble since I have 4530 birthday presents to buy gift cards for for upcoming birthday parties.

9:00 spend an hour trying to tidy your room/closet/bathroom since I never have time.

10:00 finally head to B&N.

10:20 spend 10 minutes checking out the books and cookbooks laying out on the tables. tempting, always.

10:30- 10:40 find a table at the Starbucks at Barnes& Noble. sit down and turn on computer. wait for it to load while sipping a coffee you definitely don’t need after your last four cups but feel like you have to buy something.

10:50 decide the ladies across from you are chatting too loud. go to the music section to buy ear phones since you forgot yours.

11:00 return to computer. open ear buds only decide they have the Fort Knox packaging on them.

11:05 get up and ask a barista for some scissors while you both share a joke about how easy it is to cut fingers on all that plastic packaging.

11:06 open ear buds. cut finger on the plastic. get napkin around your finger. start typing and sigh in relief that the cut is not affecting your work.

11:10 Realize you have done very little work and your writing day is half over. sit down and write everything you can in remaining 1.5 hours.

12:45 head home, call husband who is traveling this week, and negotiate 3 hours on Saturday since you had so many things to do you couldn’t write. vow to write at home to save time.

1:00 throw together a sandwich for lunch, then pick up Andrew. talk about important things like doing “oh-ga” at school (aka yoga) and as we cross over the lone set of tracks in our town, “TRAIN TRACKS! MOMMY THOSE ARE TRAIN TRACKS!”

1:30 put Andrew down for a nap. one of my favorite times of the day since he loves books. and snuggles.

1:45 check email before kids get off bus at 2:10

2:10 INTENSE CHOAS as everyone asks you for something the second they walk into the door.

2:15 remind everyone to pick healthy snacks as they reach for the ice cream.

2:18 remind them again.

2:20 throw something in a crock pot for dinner from this book while we chat about their day.

3:00 interview experts for upcoming freelance article while older kids take a break after school.

4:00 help with homework, then get dressed for karate.

5:00 Sit in car while toddler watches Dora because he is too loud to go into the dojo. think about vacuuming out car at car wash next door but call best friend instead. those goldfish crushed into the carpeting will still be there tomorrow.

6:15 pray, eat, and love the faces around the table in between talking about their day and instructing them how to eat not like a wild animal. try to clear table and do dishes while play-yelling reaches a frenzied decible.

7:00 watch a family tv show, basking in the silence. Master Chef Jr. has been a huge favorite as of late.

7:30 brush teeth, pjs, books and bed.

8:00 as the last bedroom door is shut, take an inventory on energy level as I head to bed. low = watch TV, high  = actually read one of the 50 books on my nightstand. (Two weeks ago I would have included a third option, zombie level tired = wine, but since I have been getting up and running I am off to bed!)

9:30 watch Colbert on demand, do the Examen and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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